Get Unstuck!

I have recently gotten myself "unstuck".

It all started late last November when I moved and lost my nice, large studio.  First, I just wasn't sure HOW to work in my new space.  Then I started to wonder what the next step in my business should be.  Not sure if I should add more of a variety products or narrow down my focus, but I knew a change is what I wanted, I felt even more stuck.  

I couldn't decide what to do next, so I just stayed stuck.  For a couple of months I remained action-less for the most part.

Then one day I knew I had to make a decision and take action, whatever that action was.  I made a list and started completing tasks and checking things off of it.  

I'm still coming out of the "stuckness" slowly, but surely.  I am moving ahead and acting and eventually I will be be actually realizing my dreams instead of just dreaming them.

Tara Gentile of scoutiegirl wants to help you take action (and get unstuck!)

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