Sometimes your life doesn't go exactly as planned. Sometimes it doesn't come even close. Usually we all just roll with it, adjust and move on. We have to because life just continues on whether or not you are ready for it to or not. Sometimes, though, you have to take a few hours - days - weeks to readjust and figure out what you are doing or where you are going.

I am moving forward with the world.

What's coming up for B.B. Bellezza:

Extraordinary Jewelry made from Ordinary Objects is a pdf eBook tutorial that I am currently working on. It features many designs you can make with hardware. It will (hopefully) be released on Monday, March 14th.

You can expect some more free tutorials here on the blog, too, now that I am coming unstuck and moving forward. I have a lot to share!

I also have a really special new line of jewelry that I am going to tell you about tomorrow!

And tomorrow is my birthday, too, so make sure to come here tomorrow morning for a really awesome 1-day sale for tomorrow only in my etsy shop!

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