Custom Dolls that I Make

My new eBook series is about to launch (tomorrow around 1 pm EST) with an eBook on Designing your own Doll, but you may not be the DIY type.  Maybe you want a custom doll that you don't have to make yourself.  I have you covered!

I will make you a doll!  You can pick the face type (painted, embroidered or buttons) hair color, body color and leg color.  Better yet, send me the fabric you want me to use.  Maybe it's an old dress you love and don't want to get rid of but doesn't fit anymore.  Maybe it's a baby blanket from when your daughter was younger. Maybe it's grandma's favorite shirt that you want to remember her by.

Whatever it is, they are a great way to keep memories.

Just contact me to get started.  See my Custom Doll Listing on Etsy.

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