Design a Doll! TODAY!


I'm so thrilled to bring you the first in my series of new instructional eBooks:  Design a Doll!

Rag dolls are all the rage! They are adorable, not difficult to make and fun to customize!

Perhaps you have been considering making one yourself. Maybe you're a little overwhelmed on exactly where to get started and how to put your own style into it.

Maybe you can find a pattern, but don't want your doll to look like everyone else's.

Make a "memory doll" out of a loved one's clothing, or make your child's favorite clothing or blanket into a cherished keepsake.

Now you can learn how to design a doll, create a pattern and create your own doll with this new eBook! I take you step-by-step through the process, so don't worry, You CAN Do It!

I have also included a pattern if you prefer to use mine for the first time you make a doll, but I also give detailed step-by-step instructions on how to design and create patterns and create your own one-of-a-kind doll.

This project is perfect for people who have a basic understanding of how to sew. (Not a true "beginner" as in "never-have-seen-a-sewing-machine-before" necessarily, but you don't need much sewing experience, either. Alternatively, you can hand sew your doll, but you need a basic understanding of how to do this as well.)

You will also learn the basic of my own style of embroidery in this tutorial.

You can sell the dolls that you design and make yourself, but please do not sell, distribute or use the pattern photos or text in anyway without without prior written permission from me.


eBook includes:

--34 page PDF file with tons of instructions and color photos.

--Detailed step-by-step instructions from designing to completing your doll. Both text and full-color photos!

--A doll pattern for an example to make your own pattern, or to use.

--Instructions on embroidery to make your doll's face. (Which is only one option for the face!)

--Ideas for creative customization of your doll.

You'll receive your eBook as 2 PDF files, one with the instructions and lots of photos and one with the pattern. (Requires the free adobe to open.  One file is large 2.7 MB, and the other is small 251.6 KB)
Please head on over to my etsy shop to purchase.  Thank you!!

(Coming up next: You want to make a doll, but don't want to learn all the customizable options or to design your own? My Zombie Doll Pattern eBook will be release next week!)

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