Where has B.B. Bellezza been?

(Handmade Rocking Horse from Building Character!)

I know I have been absent.  And I’ve made excuses.  I should be acclimated to my new home, new workspace and new day job hours by now.  But then the Christmas season hit.  Then I got sick, and then my boyfriend was sick.  Then I got sick again….

Today I opened the blinds to let some sun in and they broke. 

It’s easy to look at the negatives in the situation.  I mean, I didn’t actually want to move to begin with, I can’t seem to get going on anything new artistically because I keep getting sick and I’m working longer hours at my day job (more hours are actually a positive in every other way than that), our apartment is much smaller than our old place. 

However, I’m done being a baby and whining now.

The Positives

I'm starting to feel better.  Our home is tiny, but we live right in town which is awesome.  Lititz has a lot going on for it.  It’s adorable and fun and I can walk everywhere.  I don’t have a dedicated studio space, but it makes me keep more organized and cleaner, instead of the tornado aftermath that was always my old studio. 

The New Year

I’m looking forward to the New Year.  I have plans and goals in mind.  I have ideas.  I love fresh starts and I think the New Year is a great time for them.  No, not necessarily for resolutions, but I do actually make them (and break them) each year.  But instead for new goals, reassessing old goals and trying new things.

Next year I hope to bring you lots of new posts and ideas, a new jewelry line (exciting, right?) and more peeks into my life.  I’ve been considering a “one-a-day” thing (i.e. ring a day, creative everyday, crafting 365), but I can’t settle on anything just yet.  Any ideas for me?

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays with the people you love!  (And I hope you’re missing out on all this sickness going around.  I seem to catch everything that anyone has!)

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