Try it!

I was recently on facebook and a crafty acquaintance of mine was asking if anyone had any experience with a specific diy project and did we think she could do it.

I told her of course she could do it!  I’ve never had a chance to do the specific thing she was asking about, but I have no doubt I could do it if I wanted to.  Other people told her that it looked difficult and they couldn’t do it.  I told her again, Try it!

I got to thinking, am I weird?  Is it strange for me to think that anything that anyone else has already done, I can certainly do?   That’s literally my thought process:  “it’s been done before by someone, why can’t I do it.”

I by no means have more confidence than anyone else.  I struggle with self-esteem issues daily.  But when it comes to anything crafty or diy, I really don’t think there are any barriers to what I would try or accomplish. 

Nor do I think there are any barriers to anything ANYONE wants to accomplish!

My mom is super crafty and my dad is really a genius at fixing things (inventing things, etc.)  I actually think the quote from above is something that has come directly out of my dad’s mouth.  And it makes sense, too.  I mean, while I do think that certain people are definitely more talented than others at certain things, and there are certain projects that won’t be the most perfect or beautiful when I’m done, I truly don’t think that we are all so different that some people just cannot do some things and other can’t.  I certainly can’t cook like Julia Child; however, with patience and her recipe, I can make a passable Boef a la Bourguignonne.

There is a difference in what we all would like to do.  Again, while I feel like I could certainly try to make an acceptable Boef a la Bourguignonne, I don’t actually enjoy cooking and therefore would probably not bother to try to cook it.

So, if you want to try something, TRY IT!  Go for it.  Seriously, what’s the worse that is going to happen anyway?  Don’t let your lack of confidence keep you from giving it a go!

If you don’t want to try something, don’t! 

See how easy that was?  

{the photo is something I tried.  It worked and now it's a staple baby shower gift I make.  I have very basic sewing skills, but I had determination to make a cool, handmade, personal gift.}

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Okay, then, I'm gonna do IT!! Thanks honey!