Moving madness

No reason for the photo, except that I like it and it was a fun and nonstressful day.

I was pretty certain that finding a new place to live and moving would be pretty stressful.  I hate change to begin with.  But, I tried to think of it as a great new adventure or something.  Unfortunately, it has gotten completely overwhelming at times.  Even my avid list-making and note taking isn't helping me.  Today we saw 4 places in 3 different towns.  Tomorrow, 2 in 2 different towns.  Not to mention the countless other places we've seen.  And so on.

I am surrounded by fully packed boxes, half-packed boxes, paperwork, half-made pendants that seem like they'll never be fully done at this rate, stuff to donate, stuff I don't know what to do with....

So, the blog is suffering for now.  I'm sorry.  B.B. Bellezza is definitely up and running.  You can make purchases at any of the great shops I'm in, or, of course, online.  And please feel free to contact me with questions, etc.  Just don't expect any great blog posts for now.

When and if I have time (or need to just get away from moving hell) I'll check in.  Until then, please enter my giveaway and follow me on facebook because I'll likely update more frequently there.

And send me some good vibes, prayers, or whatever you got!  I need it!!

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Sarah C. Geraci said...

I wanted to say thank you for not only reading my post, but also commenting. I'm sure you know how much it means. I'm sorry to say your last post on your site made me laugh, but only because I can relate. My husband and I move ALL THE TIME. I can't wait to read more once you settle.