Snowed In Sale Details - In Person at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER, or Online


Here's the plan! :)

If you read my last post, you know that here in Lancaster, PA we're expecting a bunch of snow starting tonight and going into the weekend. Tonight is also First Friday in downtown Lancaster. Also, I hate traveling in snow.

At my booth at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER
342 N. Queen Street, Rear Warehouses, Lancaster, PA
Tonight at First Friday

1. BUiLDiNG CHARACTER is open tonight for normal First Friday celebrations. You can make purchases as normal from my booth, whether I am there or not. The following only applies to special deals that I have promised.

2. I'm going to head on out to BUiLDiNG CHARACTER to my booth for as long as I deem it safe. (Granted, I probably have a much lower tolerance for driving in the snow than most people do...you have been warned. lol) But for as long as I am at my stand, I will be offering a free Valentine's Day Zine (while supplies last) to anyone who makes a purchase of $15 or more. (You can also purchase the zine.)

3. Also, my facebook fans and email subscribers got a notice of a secret sale just for them at First Friday at the beginning of the month. While I am there you can take advantage of the deals that I offered. You can check the B.B. Bellezza Facebook page for updates as to when I will be there and when I have decided to leave. You may also take advantage of that sale in my online shop if you decide not to take on the snow (and great free shipping!), and after I leave BUiLDiNG CHARACTER.

B.B. Bellezza Etsy Shop

1. For everyone - I will be offering free shipping within the United States for tonight and all day tomorrow in my Etsy Shop. (I have already changed the shipping.)

2. PLUS: A free Valentine's Day Zine for purchases over $15

3. PLUS: Everyone who makes a purchase either in person while I'm at my stand at BUiLDiNG CHARACTER or online tonight or all day tomorrow will be entered into a drawing to win a $15 gift certificate and free shipping to be used in my Etsy Shop.

4. Newsletter subscribers and facebook fans: can use the code that I sent out at the beginning of the month, in addition to the above.

So, make sure you check out the B.B. Bellezza Facebook Page (and if you're not a fan already, while not become one now?) to keep current as to when I am going to be at my booth BUiLDiNG CHARACTER tonight and when I will be leaving because the in-person deal will only be available while I am there. (Remember, though, you can get the same deal online!)

The winner of the drawing will be announced on Sunday, right here!

I am officially home and safe and snug. Please feel free to take advantage of the online special above. And be safe!

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Julie said...

I have a friend that lives in Williamsburg PA and has all kinds of hobbies that she does in the winter when they are snowed in. I will check out your store.