Tuesday Tip for Greener Living

Yesterday I met Betz White, author of the book "Sewing Green."

This book is a great inspiration to make personal useful items out of repurposed materials that maybe weren't so useful the way they were.

I love the idea of making an apron from a man's shirt, then using the cuffs to make a wallet. And the many other ideas presented in the book.

There are really innovative ideas packed into this book, along with tips and resources to help you be earth-friendly while sewing.

I am sharing this book today because I think that a wonderful way to live greener is by reusing clothes, linens, basically any fabric to repurpose them into items that you love. Go to a yard sale or thrift store and find some cool patterns and fabrics on sheets or clothes and remake them into aprons, bags, clothes...anything you can sew!

If you can't sew, you can ask someone to help you, or you can even find clothing and bag designers using repurposed fabrics in their products for purchase.

(Betz White signing my own copy of the book "Sewing Green" yesterday.)


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Autumnforest said...

I'm the queen of reusing. I love this stuff! I even have considered getting a recycle symbol tattoo.

Pragya said...

Off the check out the book. Cover looks promising!