What I did over the weekend....

This weekend we went to a couple of Lancaster County, PA events that I (somewhat surprisingly) loved!

The photo above was taken at the Construction Rodeo at ABC Construction in Mount Joy, PA. The festival featured all kinds of events with construction equipment. It was fascinating and a lot of fun! The proceeds went to Make a Wish foundation. Definitely check this out next year if you can make it!

We also went to the Pig Iron Festival in Marrietta, PA. We toured the ruins of the furnance that was once part of a booming business. I found the ruins fascinating and the tour interesting. There was an actor at the end who was fabulous!

At the festival there was also a car show, someone demonstrating making knives, and lots of great food! The proceeds for this festival went to help the preservation of the area. They have already done a marvelous job at restoring one building.

It was a fun weekend - even if it was rainy!

More photos on my flickr photoshot of both events.

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Autumnforest said...

Looks like fun--I love the pic's. Living in the SW and hating it, it's nice to see green again!