Post Number 500!!

I can't believe I have made it to 500 blog posts!

This is cause to celebrate, right?
So, I am going to give away some Scrabble Tile Pendants! (Not necessarily the one photographed; it will be a random selection).

To enter:

Just leave a comment here on my blog telling what your favorite thing on my blog has been. (If you are reading this on facebook, I'll enter you if you leave a comment on this note on facebook, too, or you can come to my blog to comment, but please comment about my blog.)

I will randomly choose a winner in the morning on Wednesday, September 16th, (my 501st post!).

If I receive more than 15 comments, I will giveaway 1 pendant per 15 comments. (So, if I receive 45 comments combined from facebook and my blog, I will randomly select 3 winners)


Ken said...

My wife and daughter like looking at the up-close pictures of your jewelry...much like visiting your stand at Building Character. And of course the giveaways!

B.B. Bellezza said...

It's even closer than looking at my stand, really!

Elisa Day said...

I cant choose one thing! :D

Kitties & Cupcakes said...

I think your coasters are really neat. Love the vintage maps set!
Lori Ramotar

makeart said...

The photographs of your jewelry are always stunning, but I also like seeing the images you take of places you visit and the shows you attend. :-)

MrsB said...

i adore that! i love seeing how you can use an "everday ordinary" object and turn it into something attractive and useful. plus - we live in the same town. ♥

Jenny said...

I love everything about your blog. I enjoy looking at your beautiful jewelry!

RuJu said...

Howdy ho kim!!!
This might sound kinda dumb (usually I do) but I like the cheesy picture of you. lol! I hate not having a face to go with the words...ya know? It's nice to see you. :)

Plus all your pictures rock. Love the banner too.

....and the keyhole necklaces.

..should I go on?



LikeClochework said...

I really like the dictionary scrabble tiles. Yay, words!

brookiellen said...

um your pics are beautiful! seriously, you might need to show me how you make them look so awesome!