Thursday Green Artist of the Week - Re:Made

This week I bring you re:made
Re:made encapsulates what it means to be a Green Artist.
The re:made shop was created from the idea of being as “green” as possible. There is a nice variety of items for your life.

From button jewelry (which you know I love!!):

To Tea Kettle Cosies:

To Brooches:

To Purses and Pouches:

And Bamboo Scarves:

And also mug cosies, earrings, coffee pot cosies and pinnies (aprons).

The Interview:

How/when did you get your start in your art/craft?
I’m one of those people who was brought up in a very creative household and who was taught to knit and sew at the same time as being taught to read and count to ten! It was so ingrained in me that it never really crossed my mind that I didn’t have to be an artist or designer and could maybe go and study archaeology or astronomy! And so, I left my home in Northern Ireland when I was 18 and went off to study art and design on the UK mainland. My first degree was in Textile Design followed by a Masters in Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art. I then went on to teach Textiles at the art colleges in Dundee, Belfast and Aberdeen as well as working for a short time in Botswana. I stopped teaching when I had my little boy five years ago and since then I have decided to concentrate on making my own work , both the textile pieces that you can find on my Etsy shop, 're:made' and my fine art work which I try to do alongside this fairly new venture. It’s all a case of juggling life and work and thankfully I enjoy being busy - very busy!

What specifically do you do that is “green” in your business?

The idea with my business was to try to be as ‘green’ as possible. My art practice has always been about using materials that have had a previous life which I have then explored in various ways in order to make installations and smaller framed pieces. It seemed logical to me to carry this through to my new business and use materials and objects which I can transform through various processes. I have tried to continue this ‘green’ thinking through all of my business and so, as well as the recycled materials, I use natural and sustainable materials such as organic cotton and bamboo yarn and, at the moment I also have a featured maker ‘Bois’ on my site who makes beautiful recycled wooden earrings from salvaged precious hardwoods. I have also chosen to use recycled packaging materials and gift boxes and to re-use shipping materials wherever possible.

Why have you decided to use these green practices or make these products?
As I’ve said, I enjoy the challenge of transforming materials – there’s something magical about putting a bobbly old jumper into the washing machine and changing it into a material with endless possibilities, i.e. felt. However, I am also really interested in the whole idea of living in a simpler and more sustainable way. I recycle as much as I can and am passionate about growing vegetables in my small plot in the back garden.

Do you have one tip for people to incorporate being green into their everyday life?
I think it becomes a bit of a bug. You just need to start small, doing a bit of recycling or making compost and soon it just becomes part of your daily life and you feel guilty if you chuck out your potato peelings. Having said that, there’s a lot more I can do and I must try to leave the car at home more often! I think it’s great that schools and even my son’s pre-school nursery are introducing kids to green issues and I’m often reminded to turn the tap off or a light by my five year old boy!

Where do you draw your inspiration?
My Etsy business – it’s really very new and I’m enjoying the contact I’m having with other Etsy sellers and the feedback I get from buyers. There really is a strong sense of community in Etsy and I’m finding that very inspiring. I also want my products to look contemporary so I read quite a few home magazines and scour the internet. As far as my thoughts on ‘green’ issues go, loads of people inspire me – I’m particularly into a book at the moment that my sister gave me called ‘The Wonderful Weekend Book’ by Elspeth Thompson - mind you, it suggests that you should “ bring back Sunday for quiet contemplation and communing with nature” so I’d better turn the computer off and go and do that now then!

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