Craft Show Anxiety

Lancaster Art Walk , originally uploaded by B.B. Bellezza.

{This a a photo from one of my very first craft shows! Boy how things have changed....although, I do still have that girl! And she still gets a lot of attention!}


I have noticed in the comments on my previous post (which you should check out since there is a free offer!) that a lot of people are mentioning that they feel nervous about doing craft shows.

I too had this!! I still occasionally do get a little bit of anxiety, but it is usually for different reasons now.

My main anxiety causing issues when I first started were: how am I going to get set up, what am I going to say to people, are people going to hate my stuff?

My Craft Show Tips Zine PDF can help with some of this anxiety. I have tips for helping you prepare your set up and for what to say to people so you are really prepared. (Make sure you see my previous post!)

As for "are people going to hate my stuff?" the answer is yes! Some people will hate your things and some people will even say rude things in your presence. Some people forget that there is a real live person who put their time and effort, and heart and soul into making these things and that "if you haven't anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

It is okay if they hate it. Just accept that going into any show or place where your art or craft will be in the public. However, even more people are going to LOVE what you have made!! Seriously, I almost promise it!!

So, go in prepared and with a great attitude and with confidence knowing you made great stuff (because you have great stuff!!!) but be prepared for some negative comments, too. They will come, but don't be worried about it. It is nothing new, it has happened to everyone who has ever put their stuff out there.

Maybe you have a different reason that you are worried. Maybe we can help....feel free to comment for some counseling! :)

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Bette's Bags said...

I love that girl with the BIG smile. It's like she's laughing out loud!