Last week, my boyfriend and I kept finding odd things on our front porch and walk. Like long strips of paper and A LOT of twigs. It's really windy sometimes where we live, so we just chalked it up to that.

Then last weekend we were cleaning and my boyfriend swept off the porch. A few hours later, it was a complete mess. It was then we realized what was going on....a bird was building a nest in our light. Actually, it was building 2 nests, one in our light and one in our neighbors.

It ended up just making one nest in the neighbor's light, which I assume is because it is angry with us for continuously sweeping away its hard work before we realized what was going on. (I live in a townhouse, so my neighbor's front door is right next to mine.)

I don't know much (if anything) about birds, and those who know me know I hate big groups of birds together at one time. But I am loving this robin. I am so excited for little bird babies, too. All right outside of my front door.

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