10 Simple Ways to Save the Earth

Today is Earth Day, but each day we can make a small difference to the earth. There are so many very simple ways to make a difference. When we all make little changes, it can really have a big impact.

Here is a list of how to make small changes to be more eco-friendly. There are so many other things you can do....and I encourage everyone to leave comments here with even more ideas.

Here are a few of my ideas:

10 Simple Ways to Save the Earth:

1. Recycle. So obvious and so simple, but not everyone does it. To make this easy on yourself and family, put a recycling can right next to your garbage can. It's just as easy to recycle as it is to throw it in the garbage this way!

2. Use cloth napkins. Either make your own by using this cloth napkin tutorial, or head out to your local thrift shop and find some. Think of all the paper napkins you throw away.

3. Use reusable water bottles instead of the individual disposable water bottles. This will also save you tons of money, too. You can get a filter for your tap water if you need to.

4. Use reusable canvas bags at the grocery store or market. You know you have extra bags around, but if you don't, you can usually purchase a canvas bag at the grocery store for about $1. My grocery store discounts my bill by 3 cents for each canvas bag I use at each visit, too, so they may be paid off by now.

5. Do not throw away things that still have good use, instead donate them to Salvation Army or Good Will. I didn't even know you were "allowed" to throw away clothes until I saw some in a dumpster once. It is so ingrained into my head.

They take other things like knick knacks, kitchen utensils, games, videos, furniture, books, etc. Or, you can contact me if you are looking to get rid of clothes, board games (especially Scrabble), old typewriters, etc..... :)

6. Reuse your "oops" printouts from the computer to print on the back, or any old paper you are thinking about throwing out to use as scrap paper. Or you can make pretty little notebooks with them.

7. Walk or ride your bike as much as possible for short trips.

8. Start a community garden. My friends did this.

9. Buy organic food. Organically grown/raised food hasn't had the pesticides and hormones that other foods do.

10. Just think about everything you use and throw away and think about how to not be so disposable. (i.e. paper napkins, paper cups, paper plates, bottles of water, etc.)

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