Craft Shows!

That's me at First Friday June, 2008 prior to one of my busiest and best shows ever. And the first of many First Fridays in Lancaster!

Last summer I had an extremely busy craft show schedule. From April until August I did at least one show a weekend, and most I did 2 shows, including Sunday Market I did each week.

It was extremely hectic and exhausting, but I loved the people and spreading the word about my handcrafted jewelry.

Over the winter, I have set up in a permanent location and had decided not to do any craft shows this year. Ha! I have already signed up for one, and am excited to go back to Eastern Market for 2nd Saturdays and there is at least one other show I plan to do as well.

I guess I just love Craft Shows too much!

Anyone else gearing up for Craft Show Season? If you are new, I have this great 29-page PDF Zine available in my Etsy Shop that I wrote: "Craft Show Tips." It is jam-packed with lots of information so you feel prepared for your Craft Show!

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