Tiny World

Tiny World , originally uploaded by B.B. Bellezza.

This Saturday my family took a road trip to Tiny World in Shippensburg, PA. Tiny world was created by Ernest Helm for his cats in his backyard! There are lots of miniature houses, a barn, a mill, a gas station, fire station, train station, restaurant, school, courthouse and log cabins. The buildings are all about waist-high. Most of the buildings are decorated inside to very great detail. One house seems like it was specifically for his cats to go in, while the others would appear to not be cat-proof. There are more photos in my flickr photostream of Tiny World, just click on the photo above.

Although Tiny World was built for his cats, we didn't actually see any cats on Saturday, but it was icy and snowy, so I don't blame them for not visiting.

Tiny World was all decorated for Christmas (which I understand to be a pretty permenant situation), but it was kind of nice with the snow.

This is the article that got me interested to begin with in Tiny World.

The address is 6720 Rice Road, Shippensburg, PA, and you just make a donation to visit. There is a parking lot beside Tiny World.

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