Jewelry for ME!

I made myself some jewelry today!
I tried a new design with a washer that I showed in a previous blog post.

I liked the design, but I took it a little further. I love the all the different funky beads and the unique design. Frankly, I wear basically black and gray everyday, so my jewelry needs to stand out a little!

Then I made this bracelet and these earrings to go with it. I am not really much for matchy matchy sets, but I think these nicely compliment each other without being blatantly matchy.

I really like how the bracelet turned out, too and plan to make some for my shop. I really like these washers because they are older and have some nice coloring on them.


Babbette said...

I love the use of the washer in this! The circular design makes it very art deco in style, more please! :)


Anonymous said...

i am the same - everything i wear is brown, gray or black! i love for my jewelery to be what stands out. i am also a big fan of using hardware in my designs. very cool!


Merry said...

What a great use for washers...love your pendant