Sometimes I forget that not everyone makes things...

So today I was wearing a necklace very similar to this one that I made. My friend at work asked me if I made it, which I told her I did.

Her reaction was: "Really? Do you have some sort of special tools?"
Me: "Yeah, well sort of. Some jewelry pliers and wire cutters and stuff. Nothing TOO special."
Her: "Wow, did you put all the things on the thing?"
Translation, did you put the beads on the pendant.
Me: "Yes, of course." (I mean, I did tell her I made it.)

Then it occurs to me, she has no idea what that entails or that it is even possible for someone to do this.

I then gave her a little run-down of what it actually entails. Each bead is wire-wrapped, how I do that and how they are attached, etc.

My point: When you spend a lot of time talking to crafty people who make things, it is really easy to forget that not everyone makes things or has the slightest idea of what it takes to make a necklace. I will keep that in mind when I am at shows from now on.

Also, not everyone is asking you how made something to steal your idea. Sometimes they are just interested and amazed that you could make such a cool thing.

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