show recap. next show.

I did a show today. Here's my stand:

From "behind the scenes"

Newsletter signup and pamphlets

One of the stars of the stand. The other one is the very happy Lucy.

Today was a really fun day and I met some really nice people.

What I learned from the day:

Remember sunscreen. LOL Sometime I will actually learn this lesson. 33 years of sunburns and I still haven't....

I can basically set up my stand by myself. I need just a little help getting the tent all the way open. I can completely tear down without any help. I have, however, already torn down a show myself previously.

Not every show is going to have attendees that are my audience. However, I will probably not know that until I try a show or at least check it out. Even if someone tells me it's a good show, I still won't know for sure because everyone has a different experience at every show.

It did end up being a gorgeous day, even though they were originally calling for rain, and I had great neighbors, so it's still a nice way to spend the day.

My next show is Sunday, September 14, 2008 at Building Character 342 N. Queen Street, Lancaster, PA 11 am - 3 pm It's Wheels Weekend! There's a car show in Lancaster! YAY!

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

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