Craft Show Tips ... The Series

(this is a photo from First Friday on September 5, 2008 - B.B. Bellezza under Christmas lights! It was so romantic and magical!)

I have written a series of posts of Craft Show tips. I have done at least 1 show a weekend (MANY weekends 2 shows) since the end of April. I was going to count how many that is, but I don't really want to know right now because I am continuing on with this schedule.

It will be a series of 6 posts and the topics will include:

  • Before the Show (including finding shows the easy way and other ways)
  • Anatomy of a Craft Show Stand (tips and inspiration for really unique stands)
  • Packing for the show (my lists and other tips)
  • The Show (step-by-step unloading and set up, what to do during the show, what should you say, anyway?, other vendors and checking out)
  • At the End of the Show (tips for the end of the show); and
  • Special tips for weekly Markets (this special type of show has its own special set of tips.)

I will be offering the complete series together as a .pdf that I will be glad to email to you at the end of the series for a limited time.

The series will begin tomorrow evening and continue through the week.

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