Books, Books and more Books

Hey everyone!

I have tons of books listed on eBay right now. Check out my store and see if there is something you like! I will be adding them here and there throughout the week and into the future. I sort of feel like I am swimming in books right now.

Also, a reminder that I have a sale running in my Etsy Shop right now! See this post for more information about that.

I am gearing up for a show this weekend that will cater to some college students, so I am making lots of school color jewelry. I will be introducing a new "School Spirit" line in my Etsy Shop this weekend. This line will allow you to order customized jewelry in your school's colors so you can show your school spirit.

Hope you are all having a great week!

P.S. Thrifty Tuesday Travel Tips will have to be put off yet again. I will continue those posts sometime in the future when I am a little bit less busy ...I hope to add lots of photos to my flickr photostream soon (tomorrow night?) Sorry!

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