Father's Day Outing

For Father's Day, we took a little trip to Berks County to the Daniel Boone Homestead. As you may have noticed, I love finding little places to take my family that are unique and inexpensive. Education is a plus, too. This was all of the above.
So, we packed a lunch and ventured out. It is completely free to go to the Daniel Boone Homestead. They offer a inexpensive tour of Daniel Boone's house if you like. (We did it, it was cool.)
This is the "bake house" and a one-room log cabin. So quaint and cute!

This was set up in Daniel Boone's house! We got to hear about spinning and weaving. Immediately I wanted one of these wheels, of course....

For even more photos of the Daniel Boone Homestead, check out my flickr photostream.

We stopped for ice cream and I noticed the artwork of a kid there. It was a "stop dumping on Berks County" poster and on the top was a drawing of a pagoda. I thought this was really odd. Then, my boyfriend told me that on top of the mountain in Reading there is actually a pagoda.

So, we went! It was amazing!

This is the view. It was astonishing.

Then we went home and had a cookout. But it was a very fun....and inexpensive....day!

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