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Saturday I vended at the Lancaster PrideFest. It was the first one in Lancaster. The people in charge were very organized and set up was very smooth, which was great considering how many vendors were there (a lot!)

We were in the middle of the park and I didn't realize this was going on until my friend showed up, but there were protesters outside all day. The Silent Witness were there to provide a non confrontational barrier between the protesters and the festival and offered escorts to people who might have felt intimidated otherwise.

It was a gorgeous day with wonderful entertainment, great food and I had a great day for sales as well. I sold my favorite bracelet. I actually teared up because the person who bought it was so excited about it.

On Sunday we went to check out a new Sunday market - Building Character. I think that I will probably be doing this market, maybe not every Sunday (Sunday is the only day I get off-sometimes....sometimes I don't even take off Sunday). It was lovely and had great food. You have to try the bbq pulled pork sandwiches! OMG! I am dying for another one right now!

We also went to check out Shupp's Grove Antique Market in Adamstown, PA, which was great....I found some great stuff that will soon be given new life as jewelry!

I have updated my events page on my website. I have all the craft shows for the rest of the year that I plan on attending. Many are listed as pending for the time being because my attendance isn't confirmed as of yet, but I will update as they become confirmed.

Have a great week, everyone! And check in soon for the next entry!

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