Eastern Market 6-14-08

Eastern Market
June 14, 2008
Here's my stand. I am always astonished how crooked my tableclothes are when I look at the photos. Honestly, I didn't do the tableclothes for this show, my trusty assistants did. By the time I realized it, everything was already on them, and I wasn't starting over again!

New display for this show. It got a lot of attention.

It's sort of difficult to see in this photo, but I have a ton of new HardWire Jewelry. Jewelry made from repurposed hardware and wire. The wire was saved from a big power cord I took apart. It is in all different colors and really cool! I have necklaces and bracelets.

I got a bunch of old decanters at a yard sale recently. At a steal. Honestly. That yard sale was the best yard sale ever. Anyway, I picked up the sherry bottle below specifically for the Edgar Allan Poe Charm Bracelet. (Actually, boyfriend suggested that! He's getting good!)

My pitiful sign is below. I had cooler signs, but they had my bath & body stuff on it, too, which I don't do anymore. I haven't had a chance to make a cooler sign with color photos because my printer has been out of color ink. It's sad, I know. I did make some really cool banners for my tent for this weekend, though, so maybe I can just lose the sign. I really don't know if people pay attention to it or not, but I want to make it clear that everything is handmade, so maybe the sign will stay. I really should come up with a more creative sign, though.

My "new" candy dish that holds my "candy" now. I love it. Plus, you can see a couple other decanters that I got. That is not a lava lamp.....it's a liquor bottle. Awesome, right?
I like to keep super positive and happy, but I wasn't really super happy with how I did Saturday. And, relatively, I did fine. However, it was hot, it was slightly boring and we were tired. But, I had extra time to meet my neighbors and I learned that I need to remember to bring a project to work on, just in case.

This Saturday is the Lancaster Pride Fest in Buchanan Park. It is from 12-6 on Saturday, June 21, 2008. I am very excited to be a part of this first annual festival. I am a little freaked out by all of the rules (well just 2 are freaking me out a little - I have to put a "no smoking" sign on my tent and have a fire extinguisher. Really neither are a big, deal, but I haven't heard of such a thing before.) However, I am really excited because it looks to be a lot of fun.

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