Wingnuts and Washers

I have been working on my "Hardwear" Jewelry line this week. I have several new pieces (not photographed yet.) Last night, I was going to go home after my day job and get right to work soldering. Instead, I crashed on the couch in complete exhaustion.

So, tonight will be solder night instead.

I am getting ready for the Punk Rock Flea Market this Saturday. I am looking forward to it, although I will have some different challenges for this show. First, my space is much smaller than I am used to. I will only be able to have one table, so I have been trying to figure out in my head what the set up should be. I should probably just pull a table out and figure it out in reality, too, but I just figure I will wing it. (See how comfortable I am getting, I am "winging" it! I am getting less OCD every day!) Plus, I think I should bring a light, which I haven't done in the past. I am not sure what light or how to set that all up. But, I guess I will figure it out....you know, I'll wing it! :)

It has been an extremely stressful week in my day job, so I am completely looking forward to a fun time this weekend at the PRFM and just making stuff and relaxing the rest of the weekend.

How do you like my wingnut necklace pictured above? I have made these previously, and they always get attention. Usually people will pick it up, crinkle their forehead in thought, and then get all excited about the washers. Then they noctice the wingnuts. :)

Take care, all you wingnuts!

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