Punk Rock Flea Market Recap

Yesteray I participated in the Punk Rock Flea Market. If you remember from my previous post, I was a little nervous because I was going to have only 1 table instead of my usual 2. It worked out okay and the pictures above are from the PRFM. Usually everything is usually more spread out (obviously) and looks a little neater and less cluttered. I actually didn't mind the stand that much.

So, I get there and start loading in, and realize that it is dark....very dark....and there are no signs that it is going to get any lighter. Now, I should say, I was warned. I read the email to bring a lamp and that it was dark. I thought about the email when I got it, I thought about what to do about it. I didn't figure it out and then I forgot about it. That is, until I was in pitch darkness barely able to see my stuff to set up. How in the world is anyone going to see my stand?

I was basically the first person there on that level of the club. It did get lighter as more people - people who heeded the recommendation of the email to bring a lamp - showed up. Jim was working, I was there myself. I started to try to formulate a plan. Did I have time to run home before the show started? Well, I might have, but remember, I was "winging" my stand set up done to 1 table.

So, I try to think of stores that have lamps nearby. Right across the street was a furniture store. Truth be told, I assumed that the lamps would cost more than I wanted to pay for a lamp I would possibly use only one time. I couldn't come up with any other stores.

In the meantime, I called my friend, but when she didn't answer, I started to think I would just have to do the show without light and hope that everyone's lamps around me would have enough light for me.

Then Valerie showed up with 2 lamps! Whoo hoo! And, as you can see in the photos above, they fit in perfectly with my stand.

All in all, I did relatively well. People said that not as many people showed up this time as last (I wasn't there before, so I don't know for sure.)

I didn't like the set up mainly because there wasn't room for me to be behind my stand. I felt very uncomfortable. And there wasn't a lot of room period, so I felt like I was in the way most of the time. However, I got used to it. And I kind of liked the lighting once I got used to it (and got the lamps from Valerie.)

I have next weekend off from Craft Events, but then I start off with the weekly market. I am excited, especially about the kick off City Arts Market.

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