Okay, this photo was taken late last night....it's not very well lit. But, here it is. I am exhausted so I may not make very much sense.
I have a craft show this weekend. My first two-dayer. I am surprisingly calm. I have done a total of 3 craft shows now. I don't count the first 2, though because they were terrible and I was a mess and I wasn't focused on what to sell (I was also doing bath & body back then). I feel much more comfortable and confident just from my last show. I have had 2 open houses in my home now, too, so perhaps I am getting a little more used to it.
I always get this huge fear that I am really not very good and people won't like my stuff and I am right there and I am going to hear them say how much I suck.....I guess a lot of people feel this way. However, I now completely feel like everyone will not like everything I make and that is fine. Everyone has different tastes. Then, I finally had a semi-successful, which I felt was very sucessful considering I was just trying to actually make it there without having an anxiety attack and backing out. I made it, and I did relatively well at the show.
Anyway, in preparation of the show I decided to re-tag all of my items. I almost retagged all of my items. I also got larger tables, so I figured that I should set everything up and see what it looked like. I am not sure I love the set up, but I feel comfortable with it.
Today I got my hair cut. Around 6 inches. I had thought about it, then sort of forgot about it, then this afternoon it was hot and I have this big huge curly hair. Most afternoons it is in a ponytail anyway. So, why not get it cut off. Plus, I love getting my hair washed by the professional. Perfect way to relax before the show.
Anyway, I think I shall end this rambling blog and go do all the little odds and ends I want to do before the show. This includes some signs, figuring out a promo to make and making them and making a necklace and a bracelet that are in my head.
Take care!

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