My Favorite Podcasts

Look what I won! I won this package from Allison Lee on Craftcast. Each month she has a drawing for a book, and this month I won! I won the book, and she through in extra magazines, too. Honestly, she couldn't have been more perfect selections for me. I have not done Metal Clay before, however, I have been super interested in it for a little while now. BeadStyle...duh, of course! And I have been looking at the Make It Mine magazine waiting to check out at my favorite craft store all month.

I am very excited, to say the least.

Winning this prize is just the icing on the cake, though. The Craftcast is the real gift. I really love her podcast. I listen to it regularly. I hate waiting for the next one because when I first found it I got to listen to a lot all at once, and now I have to wait an entire week for a new one.

What are Podcasts? Well, technically, I don't know. That's the truth. What I love about them is they are like a radio show, but you can listen to it right on your computer. I think you can download them onto your IPOD, too, but I don't have one. Podcasts for me are the best thing for me to listen to while I am making jewelry, working on my shop, or re-tagging all of my jewelry for an upcoming craft show.

Craftcast is definitely one of my favorites.
Another one of my favorites is This American Life. It is a radio show in Chicago, but you can listen to all the shows on your computer. This is probably the one I listen to the most because I have the most episodes to catch up on. Plus, I have a major crush on Ira Glass. They pick a topic and then do an hour show with stories and documentaries, etc. I really enjoy it. Actually, I am listening to an episode from 2004 right now.

There is a TV show now, but I haven't caught that yet, I think it may be on Showtime and I don't get that channel. BUT THE BEST is that they are doing a live show via Satelitte broadcast to movie theatres all over and I got tickets! I am very exctied about that!

Another one of my favorites is Craftypod. This was the first podcast I ever found out about. I don't really remember how, but it sure got me excited about them. Sister Diane, the host, is lovely as well.

I just recently found craftsanity, too. I have listened to a couple episodes and have enjoyed it.

The craft podcasts each have a blog, too, so that is fun. Plus, on Craftcast, you can win cool things, like me!

Yay! I never win ANYTHING! And now I have won a perfect prize!

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