Day Two of the Lancaster Art Walk

Day 2 of the Lancaster Art Walk was much slower than Day 1. However, I met lots of people and I did sell some. Being able to take credit cards was a big help for this show.

The photos are a view from "behind the scenes" HA!

I have decided to try out Eastern Market each Saturday through June. (Well, I do need to actually send in the application!) I like the idea of being somewhere where people can find me in person, and I really like the feel of Eastern Market. It is such a community.

I am super excited about the Humanity Fest next weekend, although I really need to get cracking on making some jewelry. I am going to try out some more children's jewelry, I am really lacking there.

While at the show today I accomplished a couple of bracelets, too, in addition to all the people I met. That was awesome as well.

The last two photos are of the hail storm that happened a little while after I got home. Man am I glad that didn't happen when I was trying to load up!! (By the way, that isn't my house...just the view from my front door....I wasn't about to go out in the hail!

All in all, a very fun couple of days, and fruitful as well.

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