Craft Show Tips and Stories - Updated!!

Update regarding my request for submissions of information regarding any tips or stories about craft shows for an undecided project. I was inspired and wanted to see what kind of responses I would receive, but now I have given said project some more thought.

I am going to put together a zine about craft shows. That is the basic idea. I believe that I want to try to make this zine as inclusive as possible, depending upon what kind of response I receive and the information in the responses.

That being said, the types of things I am looking for are:

Success stories (i.e. a little story about something sweet/nice/cool that happened at a show; a little story about your first show)

Horror stories

Perhaps stories about a particular show that was particularly wonderful or horrible (Note: I will most likely take out actual show names, so write freely)

Is there an interesting reason you got into crafting or craft shows?

If you attend shows--why do you?

Display examples - photos or descriptions

Tips for crafts shows

Survival guide/what to take/etc.

Anything else about craft shows!

You can leave comments on my blog about this subject, or respond here or email me at BBBellezza@hotmail.com

If I do decide to use your submitted story, tip, etc…..I will acknowledge you and your shop in the zine.

Thanks for all of your help! I hope to get this together pretty quickly, but I don’t have a time line right now.

KimB.B. Bellezza

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