Powerpoint anyone?

Today I had to create a powerpoint presentation for my Computers in the Legal Environment class. Frankly, I have only ever done one other powerpoint presentation and that was for a computers class as well, except in that class we had step-by-step instructions. This class we didn't. We also could do the presentation about anything we wanted basically. So, I did mine on how to make the above earrings.
So, I set up, took photos, created my whole presentation. Then we have to submit the presenation. I attend class online so it is an online classroom. Anyhow, I try to upload it. A about a bazillion times.....and.....nothing......
Then I realize that my cool presenation is too big. In fact, about twice the allowed size. So I start chopping stuff off it left and right. Now, it is a powerpoint presentation within the limits of my assignment, but not as cool as it was. Luckily, I saved the original version, too.
I would love to share it, but I have no idea how to get it on here!! So, if you have any tips or know how to put a powerpoint presentation onto your blog, let me know.
Meanwhile, I am still trying to pull out from under all this schoolwork that suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks. I also have made a couple new (well....let's say repurposed vintage) pieces. I am thinking that I am going to get my photos all revised on Etsy and start to get some new items listed and have a sort of re-opening sale. I should put a date on it, but right now I am just too overwhelmed to figure it out. (I'm shooting for the end of March, beginning of April!)
If you want an official notice of when that will be, just email me at BBBellezza@hotmail.com and ask me to put you on my email list.

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