Busy, busy, busy

I keep meaning to be a better blogger, but I have had a lot of "stuff" going on lately. Good stuff, but I am just sort of busy.

Actually, the vast majority of the "stuff" is school stuff. I had a major paper due recently (got an A! woo hoo!) and another due soon. (On Tuesday) Plus the normal weekly classwork.

I also have begun walking every other day. I have started out slow, but I am finding that I am tired earlier in the evening and need to go to bed earlier. Which makes sense because I am getting up earlier. I also have started to try to change my eating a little bit at a time. Hopefully this way I don't get frustrated and quit and go eat sundaes for 3 months straight. Instead, I will occasionally have 1 sundae. I think the drastic change when you go on a diet is way too harsh for most people. I know that I can quickly lose weight if I did make a drastic change; however, my experience has been that I quickly put it all back on when I get discouraged. I am trying to keep out the discouragement factor.

I have been trying to just lead a happier, healthier life. In general, I am happy and on the road to being healthier. So far, so good.

I am looking forward to tomorrow, which is not only my birthday, but also tax refund day and my folks are coming to visit, too! I am super excited! The only downfall is they have to bring their dog....don't get me wrong, I adore Duke....but he doesn't get along with poor Hunter S. Tomcat, as much as we try. So Hunter gets the "penthouse" and Duke gets the middle floor (and the bottom floor is my office/studio, which is my mom's guest room and a pet free zone) and no one has a nervous breakdown or jumps to the top of the frig. (Penthouse, a/k/a top floor of my home that is 2 bedrooms and a bathroom that all interconnect. He has plenty of room to roam around and stays protected from the huge, pesky dog.)

So, basically I have neglected my shop. I have actually made a few new pieces (see photo above) and you may have noticed some new photos popping up. I just haven't had the time to do new listings. Hopefully once I get this second paper behind me (and I am getting there!) there will be lots of new eye candy for you to feast your eyes upon!

In the meantime, there are lots of lovelies there now! Enjoy!


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