The Butterfly Garden Necklace...Inspiration

My grandmother loved flowers and gardens. When I was a child I remember rows and rows of vegetables in her back yard. But what is even more vivid in my memory is gram's flowers. She had flowers everywhere and in every color.

Unfortunately eventually my grandmother could no longer get around to take care of her flowers. So, the family chipped in to plant them and to do the never-ending weeding so she could still be surrounded by flowers.

When my grandmother died, we sang "In the Garden" and she was surrounded by the most beautiful flowers, flowers she no longer had to weed.

This necklace is in memory of my grandmother. She was a strong woman, even within a weak body, and she loved to be surrounded by the all the beauty of nature.

This necklace brings me a lot of joy. Although Gram has passed on, she is much happier now. Although it brings me a lot of joy in my studio, I hope that it will bring someone else joy as well. It is now for sale in my shop.


Mary Kay said...

When I saw your necklace, I thought it was just beautiful and so carefully thought out. As I continued on to read your post, not only was your inspiration, well, inspiring, but it was also very fitting.

I too had a strong Grandmother and they are the best inspirations.


B.B. Bellezza said...

I accidently deleted my own comment!

But, I wanted to say thank you for the comment.

My grandmother was so very tiny in stature and had many medical issues, but was extremely strong willed and voiced her opinions without apology. In many ways, I am like her....in many other ways I wish I was more like her. She is still an inspiration to me even after she has passed away.