Ocean Treasures Necklace.....Inspiration

The ocean gives us food, water, travel ways and fun in the sun. People flock to beaches each summer to bathe in the sun and splash in the water.

I am in awe of the greatness and beauty that the ocean provides. It is awesome in its power and vastness. The waves crashing on the beach with the peaceful, gorgeous rhythmic sound cannot be reproduced in any other meaningful way to me.

So many unique and wonderful animals live in the ocean, and so many more are yet to be discovered.

This necklace is my tribute to this mysterious wonder, to all the ocean gives us and to all the wonderful memories I have of it.

If you have wonderful memories of the beach, sailing on the ocean, love the colors and materials the ocean gives us or want to capture just a little bit of it to take with you wherever you go, this necklace is for sale in my shop, where you can also get all the details of this necklace.

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