Happy Easter

I wanted to tell you all HAPPY EASTER! Even though it's a day late. I hope everyone had a lovely day with their loved ones.

To get ready for Easter, we made a "Bunny Hut."

It was a great mess and great fun. I should say it was a kit and all we really did was decorate it, which, of course, is the best part of making such a house.

We also decorated Easter Eggs. Although we cheated on the Bunny Hut, we went old school with the decorations....vinegar, boiling water and food color. I was accused of being a professional egg decorator until I just told them to just take their time and think about how they wanted their eggs to look and that they could do anything they wanted.

Once they were given creative freedom.....they made the coolest eggs ever. Actually, my boyfriend made the prettiest one with glitter. I am not sure that anyone should eat it, but it sure was pretty!

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