Name this girl......AND.....Books for Charity

Isn't she pretty?

She just needs a name.

I recently bought her and her sister (Lucy) to model my jewelry. You can see her sister in some of the listings in my shop. Lucy was an obvious name for her sister, I know, but I have always loved the name Lucy anyway. It's just so cute. And Lucy is laughing her head off!

I need help naming this girl, though. My boyfriend thinks she looks like Pink, which she does, but I don't want to name her that. Vanessa came to mind for no particular reason, too.

Please help me name her.

If you offer me a name, I will send you a coupon code for 15% off your next order from B.B. Bellezza. If you give me a name that I end up using, I will send you a present. Just because names are suggested doesn't mean I will use it, though, but I might!


Make sure you leave your email address so I can get ahold of you! _____________________________________________________________

I have another thing I wanted to write about today.
I wanted to remind everyone that I have a half.com shop where I sell used books. I will be donating whatever I make on certain books to charity. Specifically, Susan G. Komen for the cure. I am doing it in honor of a very close family friend who recently got some really bad news about her cancer, so I feel very strongly about it especially now.

For the rest of the month, all the money I take in will go to the charity.

If you don't want to purchase a book through half.com, I can just send you a paypal invoice for the book if you prefer, just let me know.

Thank you!!

1 comment:

Jo Anne O. said...

Hi! I think she looks like a Monique! Sort of exotic and sassy....proud...she just have a Monique feel to her!

Good luck!