Where have I been?
Basically, just reading, researching, writing, researching more, writing more, reading, researching.......etc......
School has been brutal the last week.
But, I turned in a 25-page paper, and I feel better!
Also, I started walking. Just this morning, but it is a start. It was even horribly cold, and I absolutely hate being cold. But, I somehow did it. I am very slowly and gradually starting to eat better, too.

With the walking, slightly healthier eating, finishing the paper, and dealing with a major issue at work, I had a really happy day today. I am relieved, but I am also happy. Actually, I think it is what joy is. Nothing really fun happened or earth shattering. But I think today was an example of how you can find joy in simple moments and in simple ways. I didn't dread going to work. I didn't have pent up anger about a situation I have no control over. I just let it go. I think that's joy.

I don't have any great tips or super insight, really. I do know, however, that very small changes can really make a difference. Sometimes things that seem so impossible (ie losing weight, doing a 25-page paper) really can be possible if you just take a small step and just do it. I am the master of not doing things I don't want to do. But sometimes you just don't know what you really want to do, I think. Like walking, for example. I thought I hated exercising, hated getting up early and hated being cold. Well, it turns out that getting up early is a great way to start a day, as is walking. Okay, I still hate being cold. That probably won't change. But it is worth the cold to do the walk.

The photo above is of a new necklace that I love. It was a joy designing it. It was a joy making it. It was even a joy taking photos of it because I knew I could then share it. I have it in my office on Lucy, and it is a joy looking at it each day.

(I will probably be listing it in my shop sometime soon, and I hope it will be as much joy to someone else, too. )

So, I have been slacking in the blog and in my shop because of my school responsibilites, but slowly and surely I have been updating the photos, so check them out in my shop. They aren't perfect, but they are a huge improvement so I am proud of them.

I have also been meaning to do a newsletter. Hopefully that will happen this weekend. I have some great things that will be happening soon with B.B. Bellezza that I am not quite ready to share yet, but you will know about them soon.

Finally, I want to remind everyone to check out my previous blog and suggest a name for my new manaquin. She's lovely and fun. You'll be seeing a lot more of her and Lucy her sister.

I think I will take entries until Sunday and make a decision then. You will win a prize for winning, and I will send you a coupon if you make a suggestion. I will send out coupons on Sunday. Make sure I have your email address or a way to contact you.

Also in the previous blog post I mentioned that all of my half.com sales will go to charity until the end of the month. Even after the month there are many books that are marked for charity, so check out my shop.

Okay, dear blog readers, good luck with names and I will announce her name on Sunday. Remember to try to find simple joy in your day!

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