Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I hope that your 2008 is bright and happy and cheerful!

I always feel like the new year is a great time to start things fresh and new. I guess that is why we do New Years Resolutions. I am not necessarily doing "resolutions", but setting goals for myself and my business for this new year! I will share some with you.



1. Do schoolwork at beginning of week instead of waiting until end of week
2. Figure out what credits I have and don’t and make a plan to complete degree as quickly as possible (I think I have this all worked out now! Woo Hoo!! It's going to be longer than I thought, though. Boo!!)


1. Exercise – either by walking or to video – 3 times a week
2. Use journaling more to get my emotions out in a more healthy way
3. Go to bed at the same time each night (I’m shooting for 11 p.m.)

4. Eat healthier


1. Make a spending plan (budget) and stick to it
2. Pack lunch each day (could also go under Health)
3. Find a new job
4. Get car fixed – so I can find a new job!

5. Establish an emergency fund.


1. Streamline product line (discontinue Bath and Body) - I am already working on that!
2. Make monthly goals to shoot for regarding sales - I made my Jan goals!
3. Keep paperwork organized by updating records after each sale, instead of waiting to do every six months! (I still have to do six months of last year!)

I bought these spreadsheets, now I just need to put them to use. (I have an old spreadsheet system that doesn't particularly work for me....I am trying someone else's now!)
4. Grow business into full-time (and day job part-time instead! Flip-flop them!)
5. Apply for and attend craft shows (and get over that whole anxiety)
6. Work on new products more often and create a schedule
7. Organize “shipping department” better
8. Revamp eBay store

9. List on Etsy each day


1. Get organized! This year, however, I have small little goals in place and some tools to help with this. The key is little steps.

For example, I have gone through all my books. They have been either placed in box to sell on eBay, listed on my half.com shop or put in boxes to donate. 5 boxes to donate, I should say.

I also just went through my bead stash and organized it. I also have tons of handware and also jewelry that I plan to take apart to create new pieces with. I have all of that organized.
After organizing my stash, I felt considerably more excited to start making new pieces - and in fact have made some new pieces.

In my personal life, I have reorganized cupboards, gone through the food pantry, helped my step-daughter clean out her room (many many bags of garbage and bags to donate) and gone through closets.

Everything just feels fresher and calmer when things are organized.

I am still working on my office, but that is a never-ending project there. I would like it to be completely organized and clean with systems in place so that even when it gets hectic, it isn't overwhelmingly messy.

2. Make at least one Christmas gift each month. First I need to come up with a list of things I am going to make. My mom and sister-in-law are also doing this, so I will have more accountability. I hate the end of the year rush! I can never enjoy Christmas.

I have a lot more little goals, and I am still working on my list. My intention is to make big goals and then break them into little easy-to-manage goals that I can actually accomplish.

I hope you all have a happy and healthy new year!!

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