Guess what I got?!?

I literally just bought this camera. 1 hour ago. I went through the quick start book (as opposed to the giantic book) and took a couple photos.
1st - my sweet Hunter S. Tomcat.
2nd - The crappy memory card that came with the camera (it holds like 5 pictures)
3rd - New earrings that I took in my new photo box. I didn't really set the earrings up very well. I obviously need a lot of help with the photo box, too, because the color is off.
4th - my favorite! One of my crazy new maniquins wearing a new pair of earrings I made. I love her. She needs a name and so does her sister.
It's dark, so hopefully in the light the jewelry photos will work better. ANYTHING is better than the photos I have now. I am so excited to have this new little camera.
I don't know a lot about it yet, because, well, I just bought it, but I can tell I am going to love it!

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