What I have been up to

Hi Everyone!

So I have been sick. It sucks, but Jim and I have been passing back and forth. Now I have that nontoxic Chlorox spray stuff and I have been spraying the heck out of my house. I don't want to start the cycle over again when I *finally* feel better.

I have been able to do a couple of things even with my illness.

I made a light box. The light box only proved beyond a reasonable doubt that my camera sucks a lot and I really need a new one. I will get a new one soon and I can't wait!

I planted wheatgrass.

I have been wanting a box of wheatgrass for a while, although I did forget about it for a while, too. I walked into this fabulous store near market and there it is. It didn't even matter that I have never successfully grown ANYTHING. This time, it will work.
The nice guy who owned the shop gave me tips and I read the back of the box and I did a mixture of the two. So, this is sure to work! LOL
Now I just have to remember to water it everyday and supposedly the seed will begin to germinate in 7 -10 days. I will let you know how that goes.
I also created, photographed, listed and sold these pretties:

The first photo is from the new photo box and the second is from my scanner. Obviously, my camera sucks.
Other than that, I took naps, watched .... are you ready for this ... Miss America Reality Check. I can't believe it either. (For those of you who do not know, I don't watch tv except for The Office.)
I hope you all have great weeks. I am starting to feel really sick again and feverish, so I am going to go!

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