My Open House!

My Open House
Bath and Body Products (Sorry for the ugly tv in the background!)

Jewelry (It snowed that day!)

More jewelry. I realized when I started setting up for the party that I didn't have my pegboard. I had it at my craft show and I guess I must have left it there. The organizers of the show didn't find it either. It was pretty stressful for a moment, because I like things all figured out and planned. It all worked out fine, though.

On Friday, December 7, 2007, I have an open house at my house. It turned out being pretty cool. I had a couple cancellations because of the weather, but then I had other people drop in that I wasn't expecting, so it worked out really nicely.
I think it might have been fun, but I was so busy the whole time, I am not really sure. (YAY!)
It was definitely a great experience. Although I was considering not having them anymore before I actually had the party, I am definitely sure I will continue to have them. Maybe even quarterly or so. I think perhaps people were more interested in buying my things for themselves at my party, and a lot of people aren't buying themselves presents right now, so I think I will try different times of year this coming year for open houses. What do you think?

I have posted some photos above. I love getting little glimpses of people's homes, so now I have posted a glimpse of mine. Although it doesn't normally look anything like this! The rest of the photos (there are more) are on my website gallery page: http://bbbellezza.googlepages.com/gallery

They will probably not remain there permantly when I get my gallery for my website more set up. Or maybe they will stay there. I haven't decided yet! Just in case you want to see them, though, you should probably check it out now. LOL

Please also see my previous blog to sign up for my PIF blog program. I want to send you something cool! Just respond to that blog and make sure you leave your email address so I can contact you for your mailing address. Just continue on with the program as outlined in the PIF post.

I am signing off for now, I have one more custom item to make before Christmas and then I am ALL CAUGHT UP! Woo! It is great to have some really cool things coming up in 2008, too. I am definitely planning on blogging a lot more starting in January for starters.
Hope you all had a wonderful Thursday!

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