The Hustle and Bustle

I don't know what happened!

It is December 20th! AHHHHHHHHH!

Is anyone else feeling totally freaked out? Truth be told, I don't like Christmastime. It's not that I don't love Christmas itself, but I hate all the craziness of it all. Here it is December 20th and I hardly have any presents for anyone. I was going to make everything...is that even possible anymore?? I have been trying the past couple of days, but EVERYTHING is NOT going to be handmade by me. I don't have a car, either, so at this point I have to wait until Saturday to shop so that my friend can take me. Yeah, that sucks.

Today I have been bothering poor Etsy-seller-folks with, "Can you still get this to me in time for Christmas?" Nuts. And, I just realized that I won't even be home Christmas Eve, so if it gets delivered that day, I am just as screwed!!

I get this way every year and I hate it and I can't even enjoy Christmas. I am so burned out from orders and from school, I want to put off Christmas an extra week. Jim said absolutely not. So, I continue with the bustle ...

I promise some really happy and fun blogs after the new year. It is a resolution of mine, after all. And next year I am starting to make presents in January. One every couple of weeks or so, and I should be set in December!

Take care and don't get too crazy!

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Felicia said...

Merry Christmas :)