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I am going to be doing a craft show at the end of the month. Although I have done a couple before, they were such distasters that I am pretty much considering this my first. I have been doing a lot of research, because that is just how I work. I like to have all possible information about a subject before I do something.

I plan on posting the information that I have pulled together later today for our "Tutorial Tuesday" as I have been a little too busy - getting ready for the craft show - to do a Tutorial this week. But, I also came across this information that I thought was worth posting. It is from an article written by William T. Lasley, at http://artsandcrafts.about.com/. It is helpful and important for customers and potential customers to have information about the seller to have a personal connection.

Telling the Story Behind your Crafts

What’s your story?

Some questions to ask yourself:
What initially sparked your interest in creating your craft?
How did you learn your particular style of craftsmanship?
Did anyone mentor or encourage you?
Have you always “had a knack” for creating things?
Do you do this as a full-time job?
What else do you do besides crafts?
Did you just begin selling your crafts? If so, what made you decide to start your business?
Ways to share your story:

At craft shows: Be sure to always greet people browsing. Often people will ask about the story behind your crafts or yourself. Over time, it will get much easier. I think that for me it will be very important to think about and even write out the answers to the questions above so that I feel comfortable talking about it. Again, I am so research oriented that I feel better when everything is in writing.

Online: Sell yourself, as well as selling your craft. Put up an “About the Crafter/Artist” page to tell your story. If your craft itself has a history, add this information, too. Photos of you in your work area will bring the customer closer. Use your imagination.

On Etsy, you can put this in your profile. I know I like to read the stories behind the artists. You could add a photo of you in your workshop to your listings in your fifth photo slot.

I need to add this to my personal webpage. I love seeing people in their work environment.

Also, don't think that your story is not interesting. I have thought that about myself. However, I love reading all stories. Usually it is more interesting than you think!

Now, go and tell your story!!

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