Life goes on...

I wanted to tell everyone sorry for the lame self-indulgent posts lately! I have been sick all week. I have an ear infection, which is the worst thing to me because I spent my childhood with ear infections.

It started out with me not being able to hear, and then a shooting pain and then a trip to the doctor. I have been on antibiotics, but then on Friday I began swelling in my face.... I totally freaked out. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to leave work to go to the doctor, but they suggested that I take benedryl and if that didn't work, they called in a script. The benedryl worked, but it knocked me out cold.

It has been a strange week of feeling sick, feeling better, freaking out, feeling better, and now, feeling kind of sick again.

Life goes on, though....

I spent last evening making a new charm bracelet for Christmas before the pain set back in again. I am very happy with the results. I will get it posted in my shop later on today.

I am also getting the invitations to my 2nd Annual Open House ready to send out today. The Open House will be December 7 (Friday) evening. It will be a fun night with snacks and a very relaxed atmosphere.
New this year is that I will be taking credit cards! Woo Hoo!

I am really excited for everyone to see how much I have grown in a year, a lot of people whom I will be inviting don't follow B.B. Bellezza closely, so they don't realize the different things that I now offer!

I am getting excited.

Well, I must get to work on some orders and making more stuff for the party!
Take care!

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ikkinlala said...

I hope you're feeling better soon.