Craft Show Preparation ...

This weekend I took the advise I have found all over the web and did a trial run of my set up. I am pretty happy with it. I did take photos, but I am embarassed to share them because they are taken in my messy studio, and I don't have tablecloths on them. I have also moved stuff around. My plan is to take some more photos, the final ones and have them with me when I do my show to set up. (and the plan is to do that soon so I can pack up everything and move around in my workshop again!)

I am getting really excited. I am trying to stay calm and just think of it as a networking experience and not try to get so anxious, like I have at my diasterous craft shows before. It is also super difficult for me to deal with rejection (isn't it for everyone?) so I worry about if anyone will like my stuff and that kind of stuff, too. When you sell online there isn't that person in front of you rejecting your hardwork; however, on the other hand, the person isn't right there loving your stuff, either.

I think the more ready I am, the better I will feel. So, I am really glad I set up my stuff this weekend. It also gave me the opportunity to put the price tags on everything, too. This took forever as well. Plus, I could see exactly what it is I still need to make and do. Frankly, that made me feel really good because I really have a lot of inventory at the moment.

I just need to pack up my little "kits" - health kit, craft emergency kit, etc.

Oh, and do my table coverings. I haven't exactly made a decision on that yet. I was following a thread on the Etsy Forums regarding colors for them, and I think I have decided white is the way to go, but I want a little color underneath. Maybe just pink to go with my shop - my business cards and everything are pink.

I am planning on getting that worked out this week, or possibly this weekend. I also want to make a cute banner for my stand, too.

I will definitely show photos of the finished project!

Okay, take care and have lovely weeks everyone!


PS I also just posted my newsletter for November!

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