I'm Back and I got Stuff!

I am back from a very enjoyable and fun weekend in Charlotte with the girls. It may become a semi-annual trip, which I really love! Fun fun fun. Oh! And I got my hair cut shorter... I like it shorter, but I am not really fond of the actual cut. Perhaps I will grow to like it, or perhaps I will get it cut again. :)

When I got home I found this waiting for me!

From the awesome Naomi at The Glitter Workshop! I can't wait to make stuff with these awesome charms!!
I am already planning on visiting their shop and buying some more!
In other news, is everyone all ready for tomorrow? You may not know what it is yet, but you can read about it here~! (shhhhh.... don't tell anyone! It is a surprise.) P.S., I still didn't get any takers on the free kit offer! Contact me with your full name and mailing address if you would like it. For anyone who wants one and doesn't win, the kit is now listed on Etsy! Here.
I am off from my full time job today to recoup from the weekend. I am trying to get caught back up again, but I may not get my blog rounds in. :) Plus, I am trying to relax and watch lots of the DIY network! Know that I am thinking of everyone, and will get all caught back up as I can!!
See you tomorrow for the super special surprise. I love alliteration!

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