I am going on a girls weekend all the way down to Charlotte, NC. I am leaving early tomorrow- Friday - morning and will be back Sunday.

I am so excited! My friend Cheryl lives down there another friend Valerie is going down for the race. So, it just worked out perfectly for me to ride along and then Valerie gets a free place to stay. Cheryl lives just a few miles from the track, too. So, I don't really like races necessarily, so Valerie is going to the race, and Cheryl and I will go to the Renaissance fair!

Woo Hoo!!

See you on Monday, probably....

You will definitely want to check out the blog on Tuesday!! I am excited to present a new weekly feature! (Read this! Hint, as of Thurs. night no one has won the prize. I will let you know Monday if you won...first person only will win!!)

Take care and have a great weekend!

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