WARNING: This blog contains nothing but selfish complaining and whining!
That is the best description of how I am feeling today. Blah!

It is raining;

I just started on the carb addict's diet, and someone brought cake into the office that I am desperately trying to not eat;

I have tons of schoolwork to do;

I would really love to be making some jewelry and planning for my studio sale which is coming up at the beginning of December, but, all of life's little details have been keeping me from creating;

I also would like to just be camped out with my mom on the couch helping her while she recovers, too;

I want to do a gorgeous, fun, awesome blog;
I am stuck at my full time job when I want to be doing so many other things today!!

Maybe today was a bad day to start a no carb diet!

Never mind! I had a piece of cake.....

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