What I read this weekend...

Now that I am done with school for the summer, I have some free time to do something that I really love to do: Read!
This weekend, I finished 2 books:

Little Children by Tom Perrotta
Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson

I just breifly wanted to share my thoughts on these books, mainly because I tend to read books for entertainment purposes and kind of forget what they were about a couple weeks later.

I read Little Children because my boyfriend had read it last year or maybe the summer before last....plus, now it's a movie, so I thought I would read it before seeing the movie.

The book was very entertaining and what I liked most about the book was that all the characters interlinked in some way; however, I did not like the way the author wrote. I cannot place my finger on it. Also, I hated the ending. In general, I do like endings that allow the reader to come to their own conclusions and that I have to come up with how the characters live the rest of their lives, BUT in this book, I just didn't like how it ended. Which is perhaps why I didn't like the non-ending ending in this case.

I have been reading about the movie, and frankly, I am kind of confused about how it all works out. It seems like issues are introduced in the movie that are not broached in the book, and one of the main character's name is completely changed. Weird.

Overall, if you are looking for an entertaining read at the beach or something like that, I would recommend it.

The next book I read was Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson. I never thought I would be a James Patterson fan. This was for no particular reason in general. I guess that I read a couple of the back of his books and they didn't pik my interests. However, I am a big fan of his romance novel-type books. I read Sam's Letter's From Jennifer at the beginning of the year and loved it, too.
I happen to be a big fan of diary or letter type novels I think because you kind of feel like you are getting read something you are not supposed to be reading. This book is very well written and the story is laid out beautifully. There are surprises throughout, but nothing unbelievable. And just when you think there is no possible way for this book to end happily, it does.

This book is highly recommended from me, if you enjoy this type of book!

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